Copie Double

Copie Double is an ode to sneakiness and childhood antics in class. We follow four rascals who haven’t studied at all when their teacher announces a pop quiz.

With competition at its peak to get the best grade, the only answer for our heroes is to copy off the smartest guy in class. Careful though! The teacher may be snoozing but if he sees them away from their desks he'll send them straight to time-out.

In the 2 minutes of game time, each player will have to get to the smart guy's table to get the most points possible. These points are counted when the player gets back to their desk. The player with the best grade wins the round.

Personnages du jeu


Your goal is to copy from the smartest guy in class. But wait! They're all the way at the front and you're all the way at the back...

Multiple items can be found on the field: paper balls to stun your opponents, glue sticks to slow them down or even a calculator to stop you from forgettings the answers!

Items of Copie Double game

Watch out for the teacher who uhhh... "watches" the class. Eventhough he has a bad habit of dozing off during tests, if he catches you straying from your desk when he wakes up you are sent straight to time-out and lose 5 points on your final grade!

A game is made up of 3 2-minute rounds, so you will get the chance to "catch up"! The player who has cheated worked the best on their test wins the game!

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